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Merdem Patisserie


The Merdem Patisserie is distinguished by producing unique foods, using only high quality natural products and approaching culinary arts professionally.


The stylish interior and courteous service will keep your mood up and create a warm home-like atmosphere.  We know how to make your events special and unforgettable. Merdem Patisserie will decorate your event with an appetizing cake baked by our attentive confectioners. We will implement your every caprice and make sure to satisfy every demand of a sweet tooth. You can make your choice among the best works of our confectioners or make your own individual order. Merdem Patisserie is happy to implement your every wish.


Merdem Pizza


Merdem Pizza was established in 2009 and has been proudly serving Ashgabat with only the freshest ingredients all prepared daily. Each pizza is hand made with love using fresh ingredients that give you an endless choice of combinations. Our legendary pizza is created with our fresh tomato sauce and baked to perfection.


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